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Adam personally makes each glass piece you purchase, it will take 2-4 weeks to process your order before shipping. We ship UPS ground with tracking & will send an email conformation once your order has shipped. Thank you for your patience, it will be worth the wait for a finely made, one of a kind, custom glass fish.


Spadefish: Handblown Glass Fish

Size Choices:

  • Small (10-12") = $400
  • Medium (14-16") = $600
  • Large (18-20") = $800

Fun Fish Facts:

Atlantic spadefish are found schooling near coastal reefs, wrecks and pilings from New England to southern Brazil, including the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Large spawning aggregations occur in the summer, although there is little information on the size of mature adults. The spadefish has been described as one of the most generalized reef fish in its food habits. The species feeds on plants, sponges, worms, crab and lobster found on reefs, bottom surfaces, mid-depths or at the surface. Spadefish are usually identified by their deep and laterally compressed bodies, small mouths, blunt heads and pointed dorsal and anal fins. Adults are silver gray with prominent black vertical bars along the sides.